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Anonymous: Massive cyber attacks under #OpSudan

Greetings Sudan. We Are Anonymous. We are communicating with you today because something is very wrong with the Sudanese government. We can't tolerate injustice, inequality and the denial of the people rights. The Sudanese government is restricting free speech and seeking to limit and control internet access. This government is even punishing the people for expressing their ideas and opinions. We will fight back! In response to Sudan situation, we are issuing a wide call to protest. We will protest against this government, its blasphemy laws, censorship laws, restrictions on internet access, restrictions to information access, and any and all thought crime legislation. Dictators should have expected us!

Participating Hacktivists:

Anonymous Worldwide - Ghost Squad Hackers (GSH) - New Anon World

We have already started:

260+ government domains have been Downed.

3 ISP companies also Down. (Sudani, MTN and Canar)
3 Banks Downed. (Central bank, Omdurman National Bank and Faisal Islamic Bank)
Sudania 24 TV got also attacked.

We will not stop. The operation continue ...
Anonymous: Massive cyber attacks under #OpSudan Anonymous: Massive cyber attacks under #OpSudan Reviewed by YourAnonNetwork2 on December 28, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. @LorianSynaro

    Again Sudan will never give up will never forget you.

    We appreciate your standing again against the repression and criminal actions which had been taken against humanity rights and freedom of expression. They are killing 37 lives until now

    In The Name Of Republic Sudanese People.


  2. Sudan government is using DJI inspire drones against protesters .. please help


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