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Anonymous 2018: Million Mask March 2018 locations and more.

Greetings world, we are Anonymous. We invite you to join our anual Million Mask March and fight for our freedom. Million Mask Movement is a worldwide, annual protest. We march for various reasons such as against corruption, police violence, war, oppresion, and our actual system. We want freedom. We want peace. Since decades, the governments and the elite have tried to stop us. But we have now grown more stronger. They can't stop us. We are an idea. And ideas can never die. You have maybe tought that we were criminals. No we aren't. We believe in a better world for everyone. We want a better world for our childrens! The elite and evil corporations are destroying our future and our planet! It is time to act before it's too late! It's time to unite together and to change the world into a better place. We can do it! Nothing is impossible! 

Join us this november fifth 2018 in every country and city.

Locations (Get updated each day): https://pastebin.com/X0TYnNpW
Locations (Get updated each day): https://millionmaskmarchlocations.com/

You want to help us? Take to the streets and stick the more leaflets you can. Stick the flyers in important places where people can see them. Please help us to awake the world. Together we can make the difference. This is a call to all Activists and Hacktivists. Join us in masses! The world need you! #OpPaperStorm

Leaflets: https://imgur.com/a/eHeHZNi

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