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Anonymous: #OpIsrael #OpIsraBanks

Greetings Israel government, we are Anonymous. We are still watching you and we have seen that you are still mistreating and violating innocent lives. You are killing childrens. Your atrocities can't be tolerated any more. We cannot let you kill more innocent people. We cannot let you destroy more families. We are coming back to punish you again! Israel government, You are evil! You are terrorists! Terrorists governments around the world will all pay for their crimes! Palestine will be free. To the people of Palestine, do never stop fighting for your freedom! We admire your courage and your hope. We are always with you and we will always fight the Israeli Goverment. To all Hackers/Hacktivists, join us and let's take down their cyber space. You should have expected us!
Anonymous: #OpIsrael #OpIsraBanks Anonymous: #OpIsrael #OpIsraBanks Reviewed by Anonymous on September 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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