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Anonymous #OpCatalunya: Massive attacks against Spain Government

Today, #Anonymous has taken down more than 14 Spain Government Websites as part of the #OpCatalunya campaign. We support Catalans people for their fight!

Websites that was attacked and taken down:

Ministerio de Defensa --> http://www.defensa.gob.es/

Poder Judicial --> http://www.poderjudicial.es/

PSOE --> http://www.psoe.es/

Policía Nacional --> https://www.policia.es/

Ministerio de Economía --> http://www.mineco.gob.es/

Consejo de Transperencia --> http://www.consejodetransparencia.gob.es/

Firma Electrónica --> http://www.firmaelectronica.gob.es/

Tribunal Constitucional --> https://www.tribunalconstitucional.es/

Secretaria Instituciones Penitenciarias --> http://www.institucionpenintenciaria.es/

Casa Real --> http://www.casareal.es/

Administración Gobierno --> https://www.administracion.gob.es/

Red Eléctrica de España --> http://www.ree.es/

Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores --> http://www.exteriores.gob.es/

Anonymous #OpCatalunya: Massive attacks against Spain Government Anonymous #OpCatalunya: Massive attacks against Spain Government Reviewed by Anonymous on August 20, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, For sure you are supporter of Spanish Government.

  2. Thanks for your support. the continuing struggle.

  3. Thank for all. Good work. Regards from Catalunya.


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